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The Champagne and Strawberries Competition May 21 2014

Champagne and Strawberries Cloud Nine Marshmallows
To launch our new summer flavour, we are offering three packets (one of Champagne and Strawberries marshmallows and any two other flavours you choose) to the three wittiest suggestions for what the titles and authors of the Everyman Classics on the table above might be. They don't have to be classics, or even actual books and authors. If you can think of a real book that fits, then great, but otherwise, the more imaginative the better. Write your entries in the comments box below. Good luck!

Vic and Bob's Seal of Approval January 23 2014

This was nerve-wracking as it was live, but Cloud Nine won over the panel. Lots of high fives and squeals of delight from our corner of Cornwall

In Vogue November 09 2013

My piece on the new gourmet sweet connoisseurs for December's British Vogue



Awards! September 05 2013

The name Cloud Nine seems particularly appropriate after hearing that we have been awarded two prizes by Taste of the West, whose patron is Prince Charles. Both entries won: Gold for our Lemon Meringue Marshmallows, and Bronze for the Double Raspberry.
Here is the judges' verdict:
 Lemon Meringue Marshmallows – Gold

Lovely, simple packaging. Fantastic, zesty lemon aroma, beautifully fluffy white pieces of marshmallow with a lovely lemon 'curd' zest. Light and fluffy texture that melts in the mouth and is not all sticky. The taste is a great mix of zesty lemon with sweetness from the marshmallow. 

 Double Raspberry Marshmallows
Lovely simple packaging. A strong fruity raspberry aroma. They liked the good natural pink colour on the inside. The flavour was, at first, very intense and did then balance.





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