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Cloud Pleasers

Hamish Bowles, Editor at Large, US Vogue

'Your marshmallows were so amazing. I had to stop the Grazia team eating them before we shot them! They were a highlight of the Christmas shoot. We all took some home.'
Amanda Koster, Interior Styist

'My absolute favourite'
Rebecca Seal, presenter, Channel 4's Sunday Brunch

Each flavour of marshmallow tasted exactly as it said on the packet and each one was delicious, light and fluffy. I knew when I’d eaten a whole bag of the double raspberry in one afternoon that Cloud Nine needed to be on our shelves in a hurry.
Leah Anderson O'Loughlin, Head Bakery Buyer, Selfridges

'They're lovely'
Bob Mortimer, comedy legend

'Off the hook lush pillows of goodness'
Jess Olive, on Instagram

'I thought your marshmallows were delicious. Scoffed the lot myself I am ashamed to say.'
Tricia Ronane, driector Cut Throat Productions

'An extremely light marshmallow with punchy flavours'

'I was just thinking about your truly fabulous marshmallows. Was so blown away by how great they are.'  
Liz Corcoran, teacher

'My god they are tasty and such texture - love 'em'  
Abigail Fallis, artist

'I am dying for your marshmallows'
Rebecca Guinness, editor at large, Nowness

'Great party, fab cocktails. Amazing marshmallows @idler academy'
Kate Morris, author

'If, like me, you have a marshmallow obsessed family @cloudninemallow may be a life changing discovery thanks to @honeyjamtoys for the tip.'
Kirstie Allsopp, TV presenter

'This is what I would want to eat in Paradise. I could survive on your marshmallows'
Victoria Hull, The Idler Academy

'Congratulations on the DELICIOUS marshmallows.'
Nora Meyer, film-maker

'They arrived 4 minutes ago and have been eaten!!!!! They were delicious. I think you will do what Laduree did for macaroons to the humble marshmallow. Bravo!
Dominic Berning, assistant to Gavin Turk

 'We love the product that you are selling and the lovely flavour combinations'
Roxanne, Relish Food and Drink

'We received and LOVED the marshmallows. One small favour - some of our team didn't get a chance to sample the delights of Cloud Nine, do you think you could send another few?'
'Mmmmm, more Cloud Nine marshmallows in the office, mmmmm. 
A happy team. Thank you :-)'
Layla Gant, Marketing Manager - World Inspired Tents

 'Thanks for bringing such delicious treats'
Sammie Coryton, Pentillie Castle

'The best marshmallows in the world'
Crispin Hunt, songwriter

 'I loved them. They were great - especially the raspberry ones.'
Claire Hooper, Weddings by Claire

 'Thank you so much for the marshmallows - They are so beautiful! Very cheering on a grim day'
Fee Turner, Fee Turner Catering

'Your amazing marshmallow treats are fantastic! They would be perfect for the wedding'
Sabina Acri

'Oh my God, Double Raspberry is divine! Yum'
Emily Sheffield, Deputy Editor, British Vogue

What wonderful marshmallows the raspberry ones are and my dessert was created around them Although they are reduced to nibbles with my home made meringues raspberries, raspberry coulli, rose water cream, apple blossom flowers and pink champagne sorbet.'
Karen Whybrow, The Kitchen restaurant, Polperro

 'When we tasted the little treasures, wow they are SO damn good! Seriously, I don't have a big sweet tooth but melt-in-the-mouth yum. Your brain can't switch off the fact that they are supposed to taste synthetic so when you get the hit of raspberry ...oh god I sound like Greg Wallace. Anyway I think you've got the point!'
Eloise Anson, prosthetics artist

'Just bought the raspberry ones!! OMG!! just gorgeous!!' 
Seahem Sodhi, caterer

'I've just eaten an entire packet of Violet marshmallows for my lunch'
Jessamy Calkin, Features Editor, Saturday Telegraph Magazine

'God they were delicious. Took them home for Alice and ended up fighting over the last one. Best violet-flavoured marshmallows imaginable'
Wilma Johnson, artist

'Must... have... crack-like... lemon meringue... marshmallows'
Nicholas Blincoe, author

'Cloud Nine Marshmallows, a little bit of heaven on your tongue. Especially the lemon meringue flavour.'
Susie Boyt, author

'I am in St Kew Harvest eating your lemon meringue marshmallows. AMAZING! Better than anything I have ever tasted. Feel very happy inside. Thank you'
Sophie Crocker

 'I’m obsessed by your marshmallows' 
Antonina Szram, St Kew Harvest Farm Shop

'I’ve been dreaming about your marshmallows'
Pearl Lowe, designer

'Can I be your official addiction to marshmallows counsellor?' 
Kira Jolliffe, counsellor



'It is a tip-top service to go with a really gorgeous and delicious product. Thanks again'
Camilla Lake
 'Many thanks for such a speedy service!'
Katja Fischer
'Many thanks for your prompt delivery, excellent service'
Cynthia Watch
 'Thank you so much. I knew you would be a customer-focussed company.'
Deborah Tighe

 'Thank you so much for going the extra mile with your customer service.'

Gill Tiffin



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